Percentage Body Fat Calculator

The Percentage Body Fat Calculator tells you your body fat percentage by taking into account your weight, height, and muscle mass.


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What is a percentage body fat calculator?

a percentage body fat calculator can be a valuable tool for individuals looking to see their body fat percentage. This tool can help you get an idea of what level of body fat you are at and how best to address it.

A a helpful tool to help understand your body composition and see if you need to lose weight.

Table of body fat levels

CategoryFemale %Male %
Necessary fat10% – 13%2% – 5%
Athletic14% – 20%6% – 13%
Normal21% – 24%14% – 17%
Acceptable25% – 31%18% – 25%
Fat32% +26% +

How to use the percentage body fat calculator

  • First select Gender – Men or Women
  • Enter your correct age in the Age input field
  • Enter your height in kilograms (kg) in the height input filed
  • Enter your chest in millimeters (mm) in the chest input filed
  • Enter your abdomen in millimeters (mm) in the abdomen input field
  • Enter your thigh in millimeters (mm) in the thigh input field
  • Enter your triceps in millimeters (mm) in the triceps input field
  • Enter your axilla in millimeters (mm) in the axilla input field
  • Enter your Subscapula in millimeters (mm) in the subscapular input field
  • Enter yuor suprailiac in millimeters (mm) in the suprailliac input filed

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